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Insulated and Non-Insulated Doors

Magroll Industrial Insulated Doors are the first one piece industrial lath to be produced in Ireland and the UK. Every aspect of this product has been carefully designed from the choice of material to the unique shape of the profile. Below are some of the advantages of choosing our superior product.

  •  Use of PVC laminate coated steel ensures long lifespan and superior anti-scratch/wear properties.
  • With a one piece lath the PU insulation is bonded to the outer skins ensuring a very strong lath.
  • The design of our lath ensures that the profile rolls into a much smaller roll than other two piece laths, which is good news for applications where space is limited.
  • We have available an extruded bottom slat with rubber extruded profile to seal the door to floor.
  • A unique extruded aluminium profile for attaching the top lath to the barrel is of great benefit, it allows a bolt to be welded to tube and the extruded profile conceals the head of bolt to avoid damaging the laths when rolling around the tube.
  • 90mm side guides are also produced by ourselves which have holes pre-punched for fitting and two PVC brush carriers are pushed onto the profile to ensure a very quiet operation.

All doors individually matched to customer specific requirements for colour and size.

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  • Laminated coating provides superior anti-scratch resistance compared to painted surfaces.
  • Wide variety of colours available for immediate manufacture.
  • Textured finish for added durability.

Magroll 90mm Guide

  • 83 x 90mm roll formed guide rail. Manufactured from 2.5mm galvanised steel.
  • Unique pre-punched guide rail offers easy fitting.
  • Slotted holes allow for adjustment during installation and guide will be cut in 500mm increments from 2500mm – 8000mm.
  • Guides can be cut to specific lengths without holes as per customer request.
  • Snap-on PVC brush carrier with fixed mohair on both sides reduces heat loss and ensures quiet operation.
  • The Magroll 90mm guide system can be used with or without wind locks.

Top Hanger

  • Unique top hanger (Barrel Lath) suitable for 127mm or 139mm barrel or greater (5″ or 5.5″ inches).
  • Recessed hanger design conceals 10mm nut and bolt fixing.
  • Hanger profile protects lath during operation.
  • Supplied at 360mm with an 11mm pre-drilled hole.

Bottom Rail

  • Aluminum extruded bottom rail with weather seal.
  • Special air cushion rubber strip ensures solid seal from door to door.
  • Solid design provides increased level of security.

Bottom Rail with Safe Edge


  • Dimensions 170mm x 45mm.
  • Windows may be placed across the lath at standard 230mm or 350mm centres.
  • Can be strategically placed if desired at customers request.

Wind Locks

  • Wind locks held in position by 4 rivets.
  • Factory fitted in pairs.

End Locks

  • Easy to install tap in end locks.
  • End locks are supplied in right and left hand pairs.